Manu Adventures India

A trusted name in adventure treks & holiday tours of Himachal & North India

Manu Adventures India is a highly regarded and esteemed leader in adventure treks and holiday tours within the awe-inspiring regions of Himachal and North India. Our team consists of fervent adventure enthusiasts who are committed to delivering expert trekking, adventure activities, holiday tours, jeep safaris, and paragliding experiences amidst the stunning Indian Himalayas.

Located in Dharamsala, Manu Adventures India is a reputable travel company boasting a well-organized team of proficient young professionals. We provide a diverse range of services, encompassing trekking, adventure activities, holiday tours, jeep safaris, and paragliding amidst the picturesque hills of Dharamsala. Our travel agency holds a strong presence in Bhagsunag and is renowned for its professionalism and exceptional service.

Select Manu Adventures India for an indelible and exhilarating adventure experience amidst the magnificent hills of North India. Allow our team of experienced travel professionals to guide you through the splendor and thrill of the Indian Himalayas.

The team behind the success..

Responsible Travel

Giving  back to the nature & the society..

We are committed to giving back to both nature and society, believing that every destination we visit is someone else’s home. Our duty is to leave it in the same pristine condition as we found it. Each of us has the responsibility to create a positive impact economically, socially, culturally, and environmentally. We are passionate about ethical travel, ensuring that we journey in a manner that brings us pride in every location we explore. Traveling responsibly means showing respect for the people, culture, and environment of the places we visit.

Our engagement in responsible tourism involves maintaining environmental cleanliness and avoiding disruption to the natural world. Our commitment to ethical travel goes beyond enjoying new destinations; it includes actively preserving and protecting the beauty and integrity of the places we are fortunate enough to experience.